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About: Weather Map

"Weather Map" is an AppleScript application made to download the current weather maps for your selected region of the USA. When you run "Weather Map" it looks at the preferences made by the "Weather Map Run First" application to determine what region you have selected. Then it downloads the weather maps for your region. It creates a folder on your desktop called Weather to store the maps. It then creates a sub folder for that download labeled with the date. It stores the maps for the day in that folder. "Weather Map" will ask you if you would like to keep the maps. If you don't want to save the maps, "Weather Map" will delete them for you.


•1/3/04 First Release of both Applications!
(Weather Map version 1.3.1 and Weather Map Run First version 1.0)

Preference file added. Run First must be run again from now on when you download a new version.
(Weather Map version 2.5 and Weather Map Run First version 2.0)


Weather Map now deletes the maps with out you being asked to empty the trash and without the files being put in the trash!
Other code Changes added.
(Weather Map version 2.6.1 and Weather Map Run First version 2.1)


Click Here to download the files.

1. Download
2. Un-stuff
3. Drag to Applications Folder

Once they are downloaded run the "Weather Map Run First" application. This will set the preferences for "Weather Map". These preferences tell "Weather Map" what region of the USA you have selected. If you want to change the location run the "Weather Map Run First" application again. (It is only required to be run once per download.)