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About: Print This

"Print This" is an Apple Script application made so that when you are not near a printer and you have a lot of documents to print you can get them all ready to print by dragging them all onto the "Print This" application. Then when you get to a printer you double click on "Print This" and all the documents are automatically printed. "Print This" will only set the documents to be printed once. If it has already set that document to print it will not print it again.
"Print This" will setup a folder to store all of its files. It creates alias in that folder to the documents that you tell it to print.


Read Me:

Setting Print This to ask you which printer to print with changes your default printer. When Print This is done printing your documents it will ask you if you want to change the default printer back to what it was. Don't click "Continue" until all the documents have been sent to the printer queue. If they have not been processed by the application printing them and you click continue they will not be printed by the right printer. Wait to press continue to until all the documents have been sent to print center where the queue is located. To see if the documents are in the queue click on Print Center in your dock and then double click on the printer that is printing your documents if it contains all the documents you set to be printed you can click "Continue" in Print This.


First Release of both Applications!
(Print This version 1.3.1 and Run First version 1.0)


New preference file. You can now choose where the "Print This" folder is kept. To set where the folder is kept other then in the Documents folder run "Print This Run First" and press "Choose". ("Print This Run First" must be run again if you already have "Print This". To leave the folder where it is click "Default")
(Print This version 1.5 and Print This Run First version 2.0)


Error fix when it would say "variable folderpath not defined".
(Print This version 1.5.1)


Removes need to empty the trash every time it is run.
Adds code to make sure that preferences are up to date.
Mirror code fixes.
Print This First Run must be run again every time you download a new version of Print This from now on.
(Print This version 1.6.2 and Print This Run First version 2.1)

In the next version you will be able to select the printer to print the documents with.


You can now set which printer to have your documents printed with!!!!
(Print This version 1.7 and Print This Run First version 3)


Updated to work with 10.3.5 Should work with 10.2 and 10.3. Minor other changes made.
(Print This version 1.8.1 and Print This Run First version 3.0.1)


Multiple documents can now be dragged onto the Print This icon. This allows you to quickly set a batch of files to be printed.
(Print This version 1.8 and Print This Run First version 3.0)


Fixed minor issue that cause an error alert in some situations. Updated for 10.3.9 and above.
(Print This version 1.8.2 and Print This Run First version 3.0.2)


Click Here to download the files.

1. Download
2. Un-stuff
3. Drag to Applications Folder

Once it is downloaded run the "Print This Run First" application. This will ask you where to put the "Print This" folder and set up a preference file. (Don't put files in to this folder or remove files from this folder.) This application only needs to be run once. If you delete the "Print This" folder or you want to move it you will have to run "Print This Run First" again.